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(Information) 1) We can go to Japan Society of Computational Statistics from this home page in 95/07/22. If you can't go to, from this home page, you will be able to go the home page of JSCS. Please try! 2) The local network for personal computer in our univ. (so called OSU-Net) is available now. This Tel.-numbers can available 2 lines, +81-86-256-4801, 4802 (directly in Japan). CONDITION: N81, Shift-JIS, Xon/Xoff 300=>2,400bps The network is Japanese only. And Guest-ID is 'guest'. This Page will show some massage and list of visitors who send to me e-mail: This operation is manualy, then please wait some time. 1995/07/22 this page is started. 1995/09/01 English Version is started.
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