Statistical Calculation System SCS guide
SCS is an easy statistical processing system for the personal-computer to which the development is advanced in this laboratory. The developments are advanced with the knack knack more than 1990. A main characteristic is brought together as follows. 1. It is possible to use from the most small system and 1 floppy disk of MS-DOS of PC-9800 series(NEC). It is possible to use for WINDOWS by the DOS prompt. 2. Data limitance is that total cells (= cases X variables) < 15,000. 3. The development language is Quick Basic version 4.5. 4. The system sources is opened. You can modify and can disuribute them again. 5. Data are entried by tablation-forms. You can apply from basic-statistics to multivariate analyses. These methodology will be increase soon. 6. There are able to the processings of multi-answer and missing values.
The system and the report to the address on the home page please about the obtaining hope. I think that FAX and e-mail are certain. Basically, please send a mail to me with the floppy disk and the stamped envelope for the reply. I do not get other cost. If you will send a mail in one floppy disk, I will installs on the execution file. In another 1 floppy disk, The source file will be installed. The format is 2HD(1.25MB). The media sizes correspond to 3.5, 5.25, and 8 inches. Please inform of two hope breakdowns or more of execution/the source at the time of enclosing. The execution file is sent if there is no one hope description. The booklet or documentations of SCS are unfinished, sorry. Please permit though there is only explanation booklet (about page 20 of the A5 edition) easy level. If about 180-240 yen (available the stamp) can be had to be contributed if possible, this booklet is happy. There are 85-gram booklet weight. Please note the size and the reply stamp of the envelope when you contain the booklet. Return to English Home Page