The Information of Nahaha-Network

The Nahaha-Net is minor local network system. It is supported by Kiyoshi Tanaka from 1993. It's host is in Okayama Pref. in Japan. The SCS for PC98 can get this net. The tel.-number of this net is same as the Tanaka's home, +81-86-284-7726, but it must add the ',T12'. Becase it number branch to the internal line. Telephone: +81-86-284-7726,T12 The ',T12' means that ',=wait about 1 sec.' , 'T=set the tone dial' and '12=dial 12' by using Hayes Commands.
  • Please change from 7726 to T12 within 4 sec. If it can't change, you mut add the code ',' more.
  • This host is powered off usualy. When it catch the call, it is started and put the power. Then you will need to connect about 1 min.
  • You can use as 'guest' in net. It's ID is 'GUEST' and you can get member-ID by on-line sign up.
  • The protocole is standard (N81,300=>2,400bps,NMP). and the net is only Japanese message.
  • Plese disconnect to wait for 1 min. after log-off command, so the host powered off dynamicaly. If you disconnect soon, the some information is turn out. Please keep for 1 minute from you log-off. This network not disconnect automaticaly. To Home Page(English)